It all started when I went keto…

I loved how keto made me feel. I loved that I wasn’t hungry 24/7 and that my insatiable cravings for Cheetos and Oreos disappeared.

I loved how I could maintain my weight almost effortlessly.


I didn’t love all the keto clutter.

You know, all the rules and expectations out there in the keto space.

  • You have to intermittent fast.

  • MCT oil in yo’ coffee or bust.

  • You have to eat 80% fat every day. Or is it 70??

The so-called keto experts (and they’re everywhere!) made me feel like I was doing it wrong.

I wasn’t keto-enough if I ate tortilla chips every Saturday for date night.

I sometimes snacked during the day. (The horror!)

To this day I have still not tried MCT oil.

I’ve never been much of a rule follower.


One day I had a revelation…

I was smack-dab in the middle of a home renovation which forced me to take a look at all the crap in my home. Do I really love this yellow plastic Cedar Point souvenir mug from 1994? Do I want it taking up space in my soon-to-be beautifully painted and redecorated home?

Hell to the no.

I channeled my inner Marie Kondo and started tossing crap like I was possessed. I purposefully asked myself “does this Bon Jovi concert t-shirt from 1986 spark joy?”

Not if I can’t fit into it, it doesn’t.

I found that trashing sh*t that didn’t serve me was incredibly freeing.

I have less.

I love what I have.

Everything in my home either serves a purpose or I love the way it makes me feel.

What if I applied that same thinking to keto??


I decided to become a keto minimalist.

I keep the keto guidelines that make sense to me and tossed rules that are just dumb, lol.

I eat the keto foods that make me happy. (Do you feel me, MCT oil??)

I intermittent fast when my keto ass feels like it, not when some self-proclaimed guru tells me I should.

I eat carbs every damn Saturday night with zero regrets.

I eat dairy.

I don’t eat bacon every day and I eat a helluva lot of low carb veggies.

I rarely track my macros. Instead I listen to my body.

I eat keto my way, and I am happy.

And, f*ck it, I made up my own definition of keto minimalism.

While my closet is lean and mean and minimalist, I don’t have an entire wardrobe of black and white like you see on YouTube and Instagram.

I like bright pink.

I like loud patterns.

I have 12 pairs of boots and I’m not getting rid of a damn one of them.

As with my home, I am the one who defines what keto minimalism means to me.

And you get to decide for YOU.

Do you want to be a keto minimalist?

Do you want to ditch constricting rules that don’t make sense to you?

Do you want to only eat the keto foods you love?

Do you want to stop spending 3 hours a week pinning recipes you know you damn well will never make?

You can totally do keto any way you want, if it makes you feel happy and healthy.

And you never have to buy a bottle of MCT oil.


Let’s be keto friends!

I’m just getting this blog started but it will be a happy place with no crazy keto rules. I’ll share my keto minimalism journey and offer tips and ideas.

Like with MCT oil, you can decide if they’re right for you or not.

Please bookmark the blog and check back for new weekly content.

Happy keto minimalism!

—The Keto Minimalist